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We are consulting on amendments to the planning application 19/2498/F, which have now been submitted to the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The new design does not represent a new application and is instead a submission of new material that shall supersede or be in addition to the original planning application. You can view previous documents on the Royal Borough of Greenwich Planning Register and search 19/2498/F, or click here.

Although we have now submitted our revised plans, your feedback is welcome throughout the planning process. The Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Planning Board will determine the application. Given the current Covid-19 lockdown it is difficult to say with certainty when the scheme will be decided. We would hope that the determination meeting would take place in Autumn 2020.

To make sure that local residents are engaging with the website we have: - Sent circa 5,500 newsletters to local addresses – within half a mile of the site - directing readers to the website - Alerted local community groups and politicians We’re acutely aware that not everyone has the means to access the website. So, newsletter recipients can speak to the project team via telephone and/or participate in the consultation through postal feedback. In addition, we have taken several steps to make sure the consultation complies with the latest Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations for websites. This means that, for example, users who are otherly-abled in terms of learning, sight or language can fully participate.

Yes. In fact, engaging the community in a safe and meaningful way during this time is encouraged. We would not be doing this without the confidence of the community. But, as always, if you have an issue please do let us know. We have checked in with industry professionals, government advisors, planning officers, politicians, and members of the local community. We would not be doing this without their consent.

The non-industrial brownfield site of 1.175 hectares comprises disused concrete, market storage space and collection of non-listed buildings that are abandoned and derelict. The former-officer building of the 1930s is structurally poor would not be viable to refurbish or incorporate into the scheme. The western edge of the site lies within the Woolwich Town Centre Conservation Area 2019. The entire site is allocated for development in the adopted Greenwich Core Strategy (2014).

We are proposing new buildings ranging from 5 to 22 storeys in a residential-led mixed-use development comprising 621 new homes and amenity, public realm, flexible commercial space and market storage space. 52% of the proposed space will be landscaped public realm including new connections and active use. 2500 sqm of flexible commercial space is proposed. A gym, swimming pool, and private play space will be made available for residents of the scheme.

We are proposing 621 new Build-to-Rent homes, a reduction of 20 compared to the original application. This reduction will allow us to include more affordable four-bedroom affordable homes for families. Build-to-Rent homes are Private Rented Sector (PRS) homes developed solely as rental properties i.e. they cannot be sold on the open market. They are aimed to provide homes for the ‘squeezed middle’. 20% of all units are affordable housing. A range of discount market rents shall be available as part of the affordable housing offer. These are all intermediate products, with 30% designated London Living Rent and 70% Genuinely Affordable.

All residents will enjoy the same benefits regardless of tenure. There are no poor doors. Affordable Homes • Made available first for key workers & nominations from Greenwich’s social housing waiting list. • Remain affordable in perpetuity. • Same tenancy terms and high service standards as all homes. • Tenure blind, fully integrated communities, pepper potted affordable homes and no poor doors. • Contribution to reducing numbers in temporary accommodation. • Increased speed of delivery & targeted full occupancy. High Quality Homes and Services • Designed & specified for longer-term renting. • On-site management & maintenance. • Choice of furnished or unfurnished. • Ultra-fast broadband. • Zero north-facing single aspect units. Fair Terms for All Tenants • Longer tenancies – choice of 1-5 years with resident only breaks. • No up-front fees. • There will be no additional service charge. • No surprise fees. • Fixed & capped rent increases by inflation during a tenancy. • Clear tenancy agreement. • The ability for residents to decorate their own flats. • Pets allowed.

The proposals will have a net-zero carbon impact and deliver a wide range of environmental benefits; we are targeting a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ for all non-residential spaces. In line with Greenwich and emerging London-wide policy, this will be a car-free development. There will be 20 wheelchair-accessible parking spaces, in line with policy. 983 cycle spaces will be provided for use by residents and businesses, and the public. A revised daylight and sunlight impact assessment for the new designs will be undertaken by our consultants and submitted alongside the revised plans.

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