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Thank you for taking the time to view our Macbean Street proposals. We are relying on your feedback ahead of submitting an amended scheme so please do consider leaving your thoughts throughout. ‘Macbean Street’ is a non-industrial brownfield site of 1.175 hectares that is unused and largely clear save for three non-listed buildings, known as the Macbean Centre. The structural report for the Macbean Centre concluded that the existing buildings have suffered from sustained neglect and are generally in a poor condition. The western edge of the Macbean Street site lies within the adopted Woolwich Town Centre Conservation Area

Existing Site

  1. 1. The Former Woolwich Polytechnic
  2. 2. The Woolwich Market Pound
  3. 3A. Macbean Centre derelict building
  4. 3B. Macbean Centre two-storey derelict building
  5. 3C. One-storey building which is not part of the site.
  6. Blue: Right of Way
  7. Red: Boundary Line

Macbean Centre

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a) The existing site & buildings are in need of redevelopment


b) What is your biggest concern regarding redevelopment?

c) What is your biggest priority for the proposals?

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You Say, We did

We have made a series of changes to the submitted scheme in order to better reflect feedback from local residents and stakeholders. Our previous scheme proposed five buildings named A, B, C, D and E, ranging in height from 5 to 22 storeys. Whilst the principles of development were sound, some elements of the scheme required improvement:

Previous Scheme

Our brief, for the amended scheme, has been to find a design that responds to this feedback:

  • Reposition and redistribute the tall buildings
  • Vary the singularity design of the façade
  • Reduce the impacts of buildings A, B & C

But we also want to respond to the brief whilst maintaining the positives that came out of the first consultation:

  • Generous and safe public realm
  • New routes and access
  • Mix of uses available
  • Sustainability targets
  • Massing in buildings D & E

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d) Were you aware of these plans beforehand?


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In our new designs, we have moved away from the previous ‘collection of tall towers’, to a new terrace of well-defined buildings. The aim is that this new collection of buildings will create a picturesque and historic townscape for Woolwich.

With feedback and the brief in mind, the new designs will redistribute the height and massing of the proposals to reduce the impact of the buildings:

  • Provide a break between the buildings to combat the “wall of development”.
  • Not increase the proposed height.
  • Blocks A & C have been moved back from Beresford Street to combat “single mass”.
  • The result is a less bulky and dense massing across the scheme.

New designs looking north-east

New designs height & massing

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e) I am pleased with the proposed design.


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Public Realm

Although we’ve changed the composition and design of the proposals, as based on feedback from the local community, we’ve done this without compromising on aspects of the scheme that were well-liked. The proposed public realm has been informed by our desire to create a place the local community. One that is safe, and active:

  • 52% of the site will be open public realm.
  • There will be linked open spaces for socialising, sitting, and play..
  • New trees and greenspace added.
  • Safe and well-lit spaces that are well managed and maintained.

Public Realm Illustrative Plan

We have taken care to make sure that the scheme is accessible and provides a range of activities to complement the emerging scheme and wider community:

  • A new public square will centre the site.
  • Space for pop-up events and performances is provided.
  • Active frontages of new commercial space will bring the site to life.
  • A new Murray’s Lane will connect the site to Powis Street.
  • We will have a sympathetic relationship for the proposed Cycle Superhighway for Beresford Street.

South-east view

Courtyard View

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f) I support the proposed access and public realm strategy


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As part of our commitment to creating an active and safe place for the local community, we hope to include a mix of uses that will all contribute to the future of Macbean Street. Our previous feedback indicates that these are popular additions to the proposals. So, we have looked to refine and include them in the new scheme. We will be including:

  • Our longstanding commitment to re-providing storage space for the traders of Woolwich Market, located in situ.
  • Flexible commercial space in the form of shops, SMEs, cafés and co-working space to activate the building frontages.
  • A focus on sustainability with the promotion of cycling and local transport

Ground Floor Layout

First Floor Layout

Commercial Space Sketch

Market Storage Sketch

Cycle Storage Sketch

Gym Sketch

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g) Flexible commercial space and storage for market traders are welcome additions


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As with our previous scheme, we are looking to incorporate a high standard of sustainable development, with a raft of environmental benefits:

  • We are targeting a BREEAM score of ‘Excellent’ for non-residential spaces.
  • Targeting a ‘4 star’ Home Quality Mark rating for residential spaces.
  • Including combustion-free Air Source Heat Pumps.
  • Ensuring our scheme is water efficient.
  • Providing a net zero impact on local air quality.
  • Providing electric vehicle charging points.
  • Adopting all electric solution to achieve reduction in CO2 emission beyond building regulations Part L 2013 surpassing an onsite reduction of 35%.

Additionally, our scheme will promote an active and healthy lifestyle through the means of sustainable transport. The Macbean Street site has a PTAL Rating of 6a (the second best).

  • This will be a car-free development, save for 20 wheelchair-accessible spaces.
  • We will provide 983 cycle storage spaces for residential, commercial and other users of the site.
  • We will promote the use of Woolwich Station and forthcoming Elizabeth Line.

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h) Strong measures to ensure that the scheme is sustainable have been taken


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Like our previous submission, we want to create 621 new Built-to-Rent homes, a reduction of 20 homes from the previous submission. This reduction has been done to incorporate four-bedroom affordable homes, which have been introduced on the advice of the local community who identified the shortage of family-sized affordable homes in Woolwich. Previously, the previous scheme did not include four-bedroom homes. The scheme’s Build-to-Rent homes are developed solely as rental properties that are not for sale on the open market. Feedback on the use of Build-to-Rent in Macbean Street has been positive.

Second floor layout

Roof layout

Build-to-Rent homes are made for the squeezed middle that can’t qualify for social housing nor afford private rent. Build-to-Rent offers several benefits for this group who may, for instance, be saving for a deposit. We recognise the diverse housing need in the borough, and in response to this we will be providing new homes at a range of different rent levels. The development is seeking to deliver 20% of all units as affordable housing. All of these homes will be pepper-potted across the development and have access to all amenities, to promote an inclusive and mixed community. A range of discount market rents shall be available as part of the affordable housing offer. These are all intermediate products, with 30% designated London Living Rent and 70% Genuinely Affordable.

Affordable Homes

  • Reserved first for key workers and Greenwich residents.
  • Remain affordable in perpetuity.
  • Same tenancy terms and high service standards as all homes.
  • Tenure blind, fully integrated communities, pepper potted affordable homes and no poor doors.
  • Nominations from the Council’s housing waiting list.
  • Contribution to reducing numbers in temporary accommodation.
  • Increased speed of delivery & targeted full occupancy.

High Quality Homes and Services

  • Designed & specified for renting.
  • On-site management & maintenance.
  • Choice of furnished or unfurnished.
  • Ultra-fast broadband.
  • Zero north-facing single aspect units.

Fair Terms for All Tenants

  • Longer tenancies – choice of 1-5 years with resident only breaks.
  • No up-front fees.
  • There will be no additional service charge.
  • No surprise fees.
  • Fixed & capped rent increases by inflation during a tenancy.
  • Clear tenancy agreement.
  • The ability for residents to decorate their own flats.
  • Pets allowed.

All residents will be able to enjoy a high standard of wellbeing, including cycle spaces, storage, gym and swimming pool. These facilities will contribute to the scheme’s overall amenity, and in respect of the swimming pool shall provide a range of health and wellness benefits to residents whilst also contributing to its child play space offer.

Residential Amenity: Entrance

Residential Amenity: Pantry

Residential Amenity: Lounge

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i) Do you support the scheme’s housing offer?


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Thank You

In summary, we are proposing new buildings ranging from 5 to 22 storeys in a residential-led mixed-use development comprising 621 new Build-to-Rent homes with amenity, public realm, flexible commercial space and market storage space. 52% of the proposed space will be landscaped public realm including new connections and entertainment. Flexible commercial space will complement this activity and wider offer. A gym, swimming pool, and private play space will be made available for residents of the scheme.

View west to Murray's Lane from Beresford Street

View south-east Courtyard

As the future owner and operator, L&G have a secure, long-term interest in the wellness of the site. It’s in L&G’s interest to ensure that the community, building, and the surrounding area is sustained at a happy and high standard. Build-to-Rent homes are made for the squeezed middle that can’t qualify for social housing nor afford private rent. Build-to-Rent offers several benefits for this group who may, for instance, be saving for a deposit. These principles of developing a Built-to-Rent scheme have been tried and tested, as with our popular Blackhorse Mills scheme in Waltham Forest. It’s vital we understand the thoughts of the local community ahead of submitting the amended scheme, so please do let us know your thoughts.

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j) Please let us know if you have any additional views on the proposals or consultation

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